About Us

What is Mamluk Archery?
Mamluk Archery is a Turkish company established in 2017. It aims to produce all equipments of horse archery and historical martial arts with modern techniques. It combines historical Turkish culture with modern sports.At the end of 2019, our products were sent to 58 countries.

Our Education System
It is based on the books written during the Ottoman and Mamluk period of the Turkish archery which is applied today. By taking advantage of the Mamluk books ( Furusiyya’s) we have settled on a modern education system of Turkish archery. The most important point of this education system is that students who finish the course learn to throw arrows according to the traditional method. In other words, contrary to modern techniques, they learn the techniques tried for centuries. Thanks to this system, some clubs in Turkey has trained many students over two years. The point we are aiming at is spreading the Turkish archery which traditional techniques are used and we want to establish a roof organization for all archers. In this sense, every trainee who graduated from Mamluk Archery gets his serial number certificate and becomes part of this family. At the same time, not only in Turkey but also in other countries, we want to find some partners for using the Mamluk Archery Education Systems. In case of any demand, we can train the trainers of our partner by sending trainers and transfer the education system with the curriculum.

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