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Turkish Tabla Track

Turkish Tabla Track

Track required: 90m track 2-4m wide

Equipment required: 3 targets with a 60cm diameter target face. 3 target stands which place the centre of the target 150cm above the level of the track. Turkish style quiver (more details below). Ideally the Turkish Tabla Target face is used (see below). If not available, a 60 cm target can be made with the diameter of the concentric zones being 15, 30 and 60cm. When using a FITA60 target an extra circle would have to be drawn for the 15cm circle. The 30cm zone would be the inner blue circle and the 60cm zone would be the outer ring. Further a timing gate or stopwatches are required.


  • Canter or gallop must be maintained throughout the runs

  • The rider may start the run with an arrow nocked

  • All other arrows must be carried in the quiver

  • Archers have to use quivers on their waist with the nocks pointing back (so no hip quivers with the nocks in front of the rider). For instance Ottoman quivers, Seljuk quivers, Crimean Tatar quivers, Mamluk quivers, you Manchu quivers or Korean quivers can be used

  • Archers must take their arrows one by one from their quiver

  • Archers are allowed to shoot one arrow at each target

  • Arrows may only be released within the 90m track, ie they may not be shot before the start post or after the finish post

  • The event will be run in 6 runs

Track Setup:

  • Timers should be located at the start and finish of the timed track, 90m apart. The run in and run out should be a straight line of at least 15m, beyond the timed section of the track

  • Target 1 is set at 20m along the track, and 3m back from the track edge. The target should be angled to 10m along the track

  • Target 2 is set at 35m along the track, and 3m back from the track edge. The target should be angled to 50m along the track

  • Target 3 is a sideshot and is set at 80m along the track, and 10m from the track edge

  • The center of all targets should be 150cm above the level of the track.


  • Target points
    - The 3 zones of the tabla score 6, 4 and 2 points from center to outer ring
    - No multi-hit bonus points

  • Speed points
    - The time limit for the track is 15 seconds

    - The par time for the track is 11 seconds
    - If the rider is slower than 15 seconds, he will get 0 points for that run, regardless of how many targets he hit
    - If the rider is slower than 11 seconds, but faster than 15 seconds, one point will be deducted of his score in that run for each second above 11 seconds (with the minimum score for a single run being 0)
    - If the rider finishes his run under 11 seconds, he will only get a timebonus if he has hit 2 or more targets. The bonus will then be 1 point for each second uner 11 seconds.

  • In the event of a tie, the competitor with more target points is the winner


Historical aspect: This track is based on a track in historical Mamluk war books, but modified for use in the IHAA postal matches. Because of the historical aspect only historical quivers (or quivers working in the same way) are allowed. The main idea is to use historical techniques, but to keep it accessible for everyone it is allowed to use other techniques than thumb technique (for example mediterranean or persian).

Benefits: With smaller targets than usual, a high speed par time and the need to have two hits in order to gain speedpoints, this track pushes riders to the limit in keeping focus at high speeds.

Safety notes: With the forward and backward targets being closer to the track than in most courses, make sure horses and riders are used to having the bow close to the body (head and hindquarters) of the horse.



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